The Grand Apartment Homes

Cherry Hill, New Jersey

Type Building: Apartment Residences, 2 Buildings, 18 stories each. Studio, 1-3 bedrooms

HVAC Equipment: Whalen Fan Coil,Vertical Stack Fan Coils, Riser Heat Exchanger Type, Two-Pipe Fan Cycle, heating and cooling, 300 cfm – 800 cfm units.

Waterfront Square Condominiums

Philadelphia, PA

Type Building: Condominium Residences, 3 Buildings underway, total 5 buildings to be built, located on Delaware River, 22 stories thru 40 stories, 1-3 bedrooms, penthouse.

HVAC Equipment: American Aldes Constant Exhaust Register, Ceiling and Wall Mount, CER-R & CEG. Self Balancing, constant cfm, pressure independent.

#10 Rittenhouse Square Condominiums

Philadelphia, PA

Type Building: Condominium Residences, 1, 2, & 3 bedroom, and penthouse, 33 floors, 390 ft high building.

HVAC Equipment: American Aldes “Zone Register Terminal”, ZRT 2-6 90/20 cfm combination grille, register box, damper w/dual airflow regulators. Self balancing constant exhaust grilles.

Logisticenter Bldg. K at Logan

Logan Twp., New Jersey

Type Building: 365,000 sq. ft. warehouse, precast/tilt-up walls, new construction, 36′ roof height

HVAC Equipment: Cambridge Engineering S Series, Blow-Thru Warehouse Heating units, Quantity four (4) Model S-3200, thru-wall, installation, 3,200,000 btuh each unit

St. Lukes Hospital

Allentown, PA

Type Building: Hospital Expansion – 213,000 sq ft, Emergency Department, Intensive Care, and Operating Room

HVAC Equipment: Cambridgeport Air Systems, Custom Air Handling Units Qty 5, Penthouse Type, 11,000 – 17,000 cfm, “Double Deck” type for stand-by capability. Qty 2, Heat Recovery Units with XeteX Heat Exchangers, 8,000 & 25,000 cfm.

The Hill at Whitemarsh

Lafayette Hill, PA

Type Building: Continued Care Retirement Community : Independent Living – Assisted Living – Skilled Nursing & Rehab – Common Commercial Areas

HVAC Equipment: Whalen Water Source Heat Pumps, Vertical Stack Type, 3/4 – 2 Ton Cooling Capacities

Society Hill Towers

Philadelphia, PA

Type Building: Residential Condos, 3 buildings, 30 stories each building

HVAC Equipment: American Aldes Model CER-S-II Constant
Exhaust Register and CSR-S-II Constant Supply Register

The Arch Luxury Apartments

Philadelphia, PA

Type Building: Apartment residences, 11 stories, 1 & 2 Bedroom.

HVAC Equipment: Whalen Vertical Stack Water Source Heat
Pumps, Model VI-A, 1 ½- 3 ton cooling capacity.  American Aldes Model CER-R-II Constant Exhaust Register

Miners Memorial Hospital

Coaldale, PA

Type Building:  Medical hospital

HVAC Equipment: Cambridgeport Air Systems, Custom Air Handling
Units. Quantity 4 rooftops, 25,000 cfm each, with chilled water heat,
hot water heating, and heat recovery with plate type heat exchanger.

Burlington Coat Factory

Edgewater Park, NJ

Type Building:  Warehouse, 650,000 square feet, tilt-up walls,
New construction

HVAC Equipment:  Cambridge Engineering, quantity 8, Model S2200 Direct Gas Fired Rooftop Heating Units

Acero Precision

West Chester, PA

Type Building:  Light manufacturing

HVAC Equipment:  American Aldes Model CAR-II Constant Airflow

Lehigh Valley Charter School of the Arts

Bethlehem, PA

Type Building:  Education

HVAC Equipment:  American Aldes Energy Recovery Units (ERV),
Model SE3000i and CE10000i / 6500i. 22,000 total cfm.

Longport Seaview Condos

Longport, NJ

Type Building:  Seashore 7 story condominium, 1-3 bedroom units.

HVAC Equipment:  Whalen Fan Coil, Vertical Stack Riser Heat
Exchanger type, 2-pipe heating and cooling.


Middletown, DE

Type Building:  Warehouse, 1,020,000 square feet, new construction

HVAC Equipment:  Cambridge Engineering Model S1200&
S900 Direct Gas Fired Rooftop Heating units.
Quantity 8 units total.

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